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1492-GH High Density Miniature Circuit Breaker

Model Number: 1492 Series

Part Number: 1492-GH

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1492-GH High Density Miniature Circuit Breakers are thermal magnetic type supplementary overcurrent protective devices. Our single-pole, high-density miniature circuit breakers incorporate a thermal portion and a magnetic trip function for the combined advantages of two sensing systems.

250V AC voltage range
65V DC rating
Push-to-set mechanism for circuit actuation
Manual trip button
High density design allows 24 one-pole breakers per foot
Wide range of currents for precise circuit requirements
International approvals meet UL, CSA, and EN/IEC standards for worldwide acceptance
Trip-free mechanism (breaker operation cannot be defeated by holding the handle in the ON position)
Superior shock and vibration resistance capabilities helps prevent nuisance tripping
Universal mounting foot for a variety of mounting channels, including Cat. No. 1492-N1 and various 35 mm DIN (for example, Cat. No. 199-DR1)

1492-GH High Density Miniature Circuit Breakers

UL, CSA, IEC, CE Marked