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Van der Graaf
Custom Drum Motor

Model Number: NA

Part Number: NA

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The Van der Graaf Drum Motor is a one component conveyor drive where the motor, gear drive and all moving parts are enclosed inside the drum. The motor and gears operate in a sealed oil bath ensuring proper lubrication and cooling. With no external motor, gear reducer, sprockets, chain, or OSHA required chain guard, no external component maintenance is required. This reduces operating and maintenance costs, improves safety conditions, and because it is completely sealed our drum motors can operate in extreme environmental conditions. Our Sanitary Series Drum Motors are able to withstand extreme pressure wash down using sanitizer without the need to shield sensitive components since the completely sealed drum moto has no external components to protect.

The rugged design of the Van der Graaf drum motor is space saving, quiet, efficient and reliable with virtually no maintenance. It offers a versatile, less complex and more efficient way to power your belt conveyor.

Standard drum motors are available in mild steel or stainless steel construction, in a wide range of diameter sizes, belt speeds, horsepower and face widths to suit broad range of applications. The electric motor is available in all voltages and frequency suitable for most applications

Every Van der Graaf Drum Motor utilizes cast-iron gear housing and motor flanges. By choosing cast-iron over lighter cast-aluminum components, the Van der Graaf Drum Motor is able to withstand greater levels of belt tension over typical motorized pulley designs.

Drum motors are available in all mild steel and optional all stainless steel construction including end caps, shell, shafts and junction box.

The drum motor is designed with all vital components, such as motor and gear reducer rotating in an oil bath, sealed and isolated from the environment. Temperature generated from the motor and gear reducer is transferred through the oil to the drum and dissipates on the belt.

All electric windings are manufactured to inverter duty standards with rating of 1600v Corona Inception Voltage (C.I.V.) and Class F insulation 155°C with optional Class H insulation 180°C for applications where high temperature operation is required. The drum motor can be supplied with a variety of voltages, frequencies and phase. This wire allows for the motors to be used in conjunction with variable frequency inverters. The magnet wire itself has the ability of withstanding voltage spikes of 7,700 volts.

The drum motor incorporates high quality seals to ensure an oil leak free unit. Seals rotate on a hardened bushing to preserve seal life and extend durability. All Van der Graaf drum motors use a bolt-on design utilizing gaskets or 'o'-rings.

Our gears are manufactured using high alloy steel, machined and honed to AGMA/DIN 6 standards, reducing noise to minimal decibel levels. Low noise levels contribute to good working conditions and Van der Graaf units exceed OSHA low noise requirements.

Standard Van der Graaf motors have Class F insulation that allows a motor limiting temperature of 155° C. Class H is optional, which allows for a motor limiting temperature Class of 180° C. By providing a higher insulation Class, the electric motor is able to withstand a higher ambient operating temperature. The drum motor has a 80°C temperature rise.